Why ZAAN ?

cube zaan

ZAAN innovative solution organizes all your documents :

  • in your current Microsoft environment, with no additional IT infrastructure,
  • using a shared cube of 4 to 6 dimensions, in your business vocabulary,
  • for your individual and collective needs, securely, and enables you...
    • to save up to 4 h/week per person,
    • to reduce up to 80% the file storage and backup volumes.

What is ZAAN ?

exemple de cube ZAAN

ZAAN is the first multidimensional document management software for all. 

  • ZAAN runs on your PC (Windows) for creating and viewing ZAAN databases containing document cubes that are multidimensional folders with multiple access paths (When/Who/What/Where…).
  • ZAAN databases are built in a root directory that may be located on whatever hard disk drive, USB key, file server, etc.
  • No additional software or hardware is required for using ZAAN in your current Windows infrastructure, except Microsoft .NET Framework that gets automatically installed on your Windows system, if necessary (free upgrade).
  • ZAAN shall replace Windows Explorer for managing any document (text, picture, movie, music, emails, etc.) stored on local or network hard disk. Documents filing is simply done by dragging and dropping them into a selected cube.

Multidimensional navigation

recherche croisée dans ZAAN

Unlike Windows’ folders, ZAAN cubes are transparent, meaning that opening a cube shows the documents contained in this cube but also in its sub-cubes. 

In this example, the selection of "2011-02/Customers/ Propositions/France" shows 5 documents related to 4 sub-cubes corresponding to the 4 cities Paris, Marseille, Vannes and Lyon.

  • A click on "Paris" reference of the first document for example enables you to restrict the selection to "Paris".
  • A click on "France" enables you to extend again the selection to "France".

An easy-to-use software

interface ZAAN

ZAAN software gets installed on your PC (Windows) after free download from this site.

At its first launch, ZAAN-Demo1 example database is open for training purpose.

ZAAN main window enables you to handle following intuitive operations, by simply dragging and dropping documents or using local menus :

  • Searching for documents (texts, images, messages, etc.)
  • Filing documents into cubes
  • Creating and modifying tree views
  • Creating new databases of documents (aside ZAAN-Demo1)
  • Importing/Exporting document cubes (XML/ZIP formats)
  • Etc.